Writer Plan

Perfect for authors who have a small to medium following.


or $290/year (2 free months!)
  • 2 Users
  • 2 GB of Storage
  • Automatic Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Custom Email Addresses (

Best-Seller Plan

Recommended for authors who have a bigger book catalog + larger fan base.


or $490/year (2 free months!)
  • Unlimited Users
  • 10 GB of Storage
  • Automatic Updates
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Custom Email Addresses (

What Authors Say About Novely

Extras Included in All Plans

Customization to Fit your Brand

We don’t just set up a new website for you with our proprietary theme made for authors. We also make sure to adjust the fonts, colors, and layout to match your brand. You won’t have to tweak with anything, we take care of that for you.

Installation of Tracking Software

You’ve always wanted to set up a Facebook Pixel to target your visitors with ads? You never understood how to set up Google Analytics on your site to track your page views? Don’t worry, just share the code with us and we’ll put it where it belongs!

Optimization for Email Deliverability

Tired of your newsletter emails sent right to the spam folder? Verifying and authenticating your domain name is a big step that a lot of authors don’t do! We’ll make sure you’re using the proper email + set up all the tech stuff so that you have the highest chance of hitting the inbox.

Creation of Custom Landing Pages

You don’t need to have an off-brand page to collect emails with Novely. If you want a custom landing page, we can help you create one! It’ll fit your brand and will already be on your own domain name. You don’t have to worry about your readers feeling confused or lose hours tweaking a page that wasn’t meant to be on-brand.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

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