About Novely

After seeing so many authors ask questions about how to do this or that with their websites and getting frustrated with technology, we knew we could do something about it. Virginie had already worked privately with a few authors to build their custom website. But this time, she decided to build a platform for authors instead of individual websites.

It would turn out to be a central place where authors wouldn’t have to worry about updates and maintenance. Or even about how to get started. It would all be done for them, by trained staff. Any technical issues would be handled by us.

In 2020, that vision became reality and Novely was born.

Virginie | Founder

From romance author to travel blogger to translator, Virginie has had quite a few jobs! But her favorite will always be as a web designer. Websites are the one thing she could work on for hours without getting tired.

After building custom sites for various entrepreneurs, she decided to focus her attention on building a platform where she could offer easy to set-up websites to authors.

If she isn’t behind the computer, you can find Virginie binging on her newest Netflix addiction or hiking the mountains around her home.